I want to cancel my subscription




  • Lisamaznitysna

    I just want to confirm one thing . If i order the AMZScout monthly , next month i do not want to order again , it will cut the money from my credit card next month automatically?   waiting for your reply urgently .  

  • Anastasia

    Thank you for getting in touch!

     Yes, If you start monthly or annual subscription you will be charged automatically once a month( in case you have a monthly subscription) or once a year ( in case you have an annual subscription). If you want to cancel a subscription, please, write us ( amazondevcrew@gmail.com).

  • AtoZ
    Hi Anastasia. I do not know why 19.99 (USD) was paid automatically when I did not subscribe.
    Please cancel your subscription right now. And this month I only used the AMZScout FBA calculator pree chrome extension.
    Request a refund of 19.99 (USD) paid this month.
  • Roman Kaukiel

    I cancel my subscription on June 19, 2019.
    Roman Kaukiel

  • Roman Kaukiel


    Yesterday I canceled AMZ scaut subscriptions, and today you have $ 29 from my account. Please give me back my money

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